Mass "Warm-Up"

Catholic Adult Formation & Enrichment

Interested in enriching your Mass experience?  Here's a simple little exercise to stretch our Catholic muscles!  Sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and read the Gospel selection for the upcoming weekend.  Reflect on what it means to you.  If you have time, do all three Mass readings! 
Care to make it optimal?  Do this as a family exercise, reading separately or together and then discussing your thoughts and ideas.  Try it...we guarantee you'll be happy you did!

"Having small children means there are times when I am not able to give my complete attention to the readings during Mass.  I am excited about the idea of taking a few minutes, while my children nap or are at school, to review the Gospel before Mass.  This will allow me the opportunity to be more fully engaged in the Homily.
Click here to read the weekly Gospel.  The Gospel page will be updated each Wednesday, allowing some time for review and reflection of last weekend's reading, but enough time to prepare for the upcoming Mass.

What is Lectio Divina?

The Latin phrase “lectio divina” may be translated as “divine reading.” Lectio divina is a method for praying with the Scriptures. As one reads and invites the Word to become a transforming lens that brings the events of daily living into focus, one can come to live more deeply and find the presence of God more readily in the events of each day. 

The method of lectio divina follows four steps: lectio (reading), meditatio (meditation), contemplatio (contemplation), and oratio (prayer).  To find out more about Lectio Divina, check out this link through the United States Council of Catholic Bishops: Ever Ancient, Ever New: The Art and Practice of Lectio Divina

Mass Changes
Learn more about the recent changes to the Catholic Mass by visiting a site created by the United States Council of Catholic Bishops.\