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Severe Weather Notifications

Kirtland AFB personnel are reminded of the following means of notification
for delayed reporting, mission essential personnel only reporting, and/or
early release of non-essential personnel due to severe weather or road

- The first notification will be sent via the AtHoc System from the
Command Post. AtHoc allows you to input personal information, such as home
e-mail, home phone, personal mobile,on how you can be contacted after
hours and will send you an Alert message to inform you of any updates.
Contact your unit computer support administrator for instructions on how to
access AtHoc.

- The Snow Line will be updated with current information

- A Kirtland All E-mail will also be sent with updated information.

- Local television stations will be notified of any delayed
reporting procedures. Additionally, the Kirtland web site
( will be updated as well as Kirtland Facebook and
Kirtland Twitter.

- The Kirtland Straight Talk Line will also be updated with
relevant information (505-846-4238)

- Information concerning road closures can be obtained by accessing
the City of Albuquerque and New Mexico Department of Transportation websites
at: (click on "road conditions" on main
page) or and click on City News for updates to cold
weather conditions.